4 Things You Need to Know About Lawn Care

How beautiful is it when you walk through a lush garden? You see the green lawn and your psyche enjoys it. Of course, to get such a beautiful lawn you need to take care of it so that it stays alive and green.

These are 4 essentials you need to know about lawn care and today I will explain all 4. If you are interested and want to know more, come with me to share my tips with you.


As you would expect a mown grass and a well-tended lawn are much healthier, weed-free and stronger. Of course, lawn mowing should not be cut below 0.5 cm and also not cut above 5 cm. This is because either that would weaken and not produce new shoots, or give space to weeds to “Get sick”. Also, the haircut is done on dry grass and not watered.


For good or bad in order to maintain it you need to drop fertilizer. You can avoid chemical fertilizers if you don’t want to burden the environment and choose organic fertilizers. When you pour the fertilizer you want the soil to hold moisture and after you pour it you have to water it two days later. This way, you will have strong and strong grass.


The best times to water your lawn are mainly the afternoon hours because the sun has fallen and you will avoid burning your grass. You need to judge the need for water from the perspective of your lawn, if the days are too hot and the soil dries. It’s a process that requires patience as it doesn’t make you water more or less often – you will destroy the grass.


Maintenance is required to keep the lawn in good condition. One of the maintenance is ventilation. After mowing the lawn, dig holes in the lawn with a rake. This will help the soil to “breathe”, to ventilate and to essentially renew. It’s good to do it once a year. The job is very easy especially if you have a ventilation machine.