How to Make Your Own Japanese Garden

Having a garden in your home is a great thing. Surely many can envy it. Unfortunately, however, it is not enough to have a garden but to know and decorate it. It is not easy to build a beautiful garden without making it look like the usual.

So I have a new garden style coming from Japan. The Japanese create the gardens as a place for meditation and reflection. That’s why their layout makes them a great place to spend your free time and relax.

Two types

There are very few people in the world who have created an authentic Japanese garden. To be able to create a garden as close to the original as possible or get some basic ideas, you need to learn the basics first. read more

3 Ways to Shade Your Garden

Now that the weather has begun to open it’s time to make your yard. In addition to the flowers and furniture that you will use, it is very important to create a space that is shaded.

This way you will be able to organize barbecues with your friends without the sun beating. The following three ways take a little money to make and the best is that they will upgrade your yard to the point where you will want to be there all summer.


4 Things You Need to Know About Lawn Care

How beautiful is it when you walk through a lush garden? You see the green lawn and your psyche enjoys it. Of course, to get such a beautiful lawn you need to take care of it so that it stays alive and green.

These are 4 essentials you need to know about lawn care and today I will explain all 4. If you are interested and want to know more, come with me to share my tips with you.


As you would expect a mown grass and a well-tended lawn are much healthier, weed-free and stronger. Of course, lawn mowing should not be cut below 0.5 cm and also not cut above 5 cm. This is because either that would weaken and not produce new shoots, or give space to weeds to “Get sick”. Also, the haircut is done on dry grass and not watered. read more

7 Ideas to Make the Perfect Garden for Kids

When it comes to kids, the game never ends, especially in the summer months when they can get out of the house, enjoy the good weather, and spend many hours outdoors. I’ll show you how to make a perfect garden for kids to love.

From toys like trampoline, which all kids love, to swings and other toys all will be here to create a beautiful backyard playground.


Trampoline is a game that all children enjoy and enjoy for hours. Add one if you have a large garden and you will surely see it spend a lot of time there and really enjoy it. read more

The best plants for small gardens

The more human civilization evolves, the more often we see apartment buildings being built and unfortunately, the green is becoming less and less. This creates the need for people to have their own garden in order to be able to find their leisure time in a natural environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to create a large garden and customize it. More and more people have small gardens in their home because of this need. If you have a small garden or are thinking of building, I have the best plants – flowers you can use to design it. read more