How to water your plants while you are on vacation

Most households have plants at home. Either because they like to deal with them, or because they want to make their space more beautiful and vibrant, or both. The care they need all year long is enough. It doesn’t matter if they are in the garden or in pots.

The care you have to show them is the same in both cases. But this often restricts you and you cannot leave home for many days. So your holidays are often not as you would like them to be. That is why I have the best solutions for you so you can enjoy your vacation without burning your plants.

Use a cotton rope

That way you will need two things. A large container or bucket for water and a cotton rope. You can take a few meters of rope from a shop and cut as much as you need for each plant. Cut a piece of rope long enough to reach the bottom from the container with water and into the soil from the pot.

Make sure you have put one end of the rope well below the soil and near the plant. But be careful not to disturb its roots and cause some damage. The other end should be at the bottom of the container which should be filled with water. This way the rope will keep the soil moist as long as you are missing.

Fill plastic bottles with water

For this idea you can use any plastic bottles. From soft drinks to bottled water. Thoroughly clean the inside with a little dishwashing detergent, and then make some holes in the top of the bottle. They should be large enough for the water to run evenly.

Before leaving home for your holidays, water your plants properly and put the bottles in the pots. Swamp a few inches below the soil to cover the holes, but not too close to the plant. The water will slowly leave the bottle and keep the soil moist.

Put the plants in the bathtub

The biggest container you can find in your home is definitely the bathtub. So you can put the small pots in the bathtub and fill it a few inches with water. If the pots have holes in the bottom for water to pass through, the plants will water themselves as long as they are missing.

Use a plastic bag

With a plastic bag you can create a small greenhouse for your plant. You should, of course, put brackets so that the bag does not rest on your plant. A little touch on some sheets will not cause any problems, but no more. Before leaving, water your plant properly and do not let it come into direct contact with the sun. An indirect contact is enough.