The best plants for small gardens

The more human civilization evolves, the more often we see apartment buildings being built and unfortunately, the green is becoming less and less. This creates the need for people to have their own garden in order to be able to find their leisure time in a natural environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to create a large garden and customize it. More and more people have small gardens in their home because of this need. If you have a small garden or are thinking of building, I have the best plants – flowers you can use to design it.

Rose Bonica

A very beautiful and at the same time quite wild plant. It has a very beautiful pink color and is a kind of shrub. It is very resistant to disease and you can transplant it. It has everything you need to make the perfect plant for a small garden.


The purple-blue color of this lavender has a very nice and distinctive smell during the summer. The best place to put such a plant is near the door. This will give you a very beautiful and natural scent for your home.

Palm-tree maple

Its ability to turn green in spring and summer, and in autumn and winter to become bronze, is a beautiful thing. Its shape helps a lot in gardens where there is not much space. The ideal spot for this plant is a place that is protected from the sun and the sun all day.


If you want more color in your garden, greenery is a great option. Its purple flowers will give a very beautiful color to your garden decoration. It requires little attention and even grows on poor soil. The only problem is that it needs protection when it is too cold.


This plant blooms from July to October. But it can continue to bloom until the first frost. The only care you need is to remove faded flowers to help it bloom more. In the winter, however, you will need to protect the soil around the plant with dry straw so that it does not burn out too cold.